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Second Assignment: Part A Evaluation

OLJ Module 3: Library 2.0 Building Academic Library 2.0: Meredith Farkas I felt Farkas’ speech clearly demonstrated the principles of Web 2.0: collaboration, conversation, community and content creation (4Cs) and then provided numerous examples of how these could be incorporated … Continue reading

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Module 4: essence of Library 2.0?

Meredith Farkas’s post The essence of Library 2.0?  (January 24, 2008) on her blog Information Wants To Be Free Farkas contends that Library 2.0 should really be about assessment: assessment of a library’s service and assessment of its patrons and … Continue reading

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Building Academic Library 2.0

Last week I watched Meredith Farkas address the conference at UC Berkeley via YouTube. One of the points she raises is for libraries to harness Web 2.0 tools to highlight or market their collection. Following day I posted on the … Continue reading

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OLJ M3: Library 2.0

Building Academic Library 2.0 Comments made by Meredith Farkas In relation to the University of Melbourne Library Know your users Rather than create random Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and blogs actually conduct a survey to ascertain what library users are … Continue reading

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