Module 3: Library 2.0

Web 2.0 (Miller)
Library 2. 0 (Casey and Savastinuk)

Miller outlines his thoughts regarding Web 2.0 and how this can be translated into library environment. He lists the following Web 2.0 characteristics:

Freeing of data: access is a right rather than a privilege. So long as it does not effect an author’s rights and infringe copyright (Google Books)?
Construction of virtual applications

Participative or collaborative. One of the main attractions to the technology but for me it raises questions about validity and authority of information published and/or shared online.

Communication, Remix (eg Mashups), Intelligent, Long Tail: servicing niche interests, trust.

Harnessing Web 2.0 tools allows libraries to free information, add value and offer improved services. However, institutional procedures still act as barriers and there is greater need to push services at patrons.

Library 2.0

  • User-centred change
  • User participation
  • Reach new users
  • Serve existing customers better

At the centre of Library 2.0 is the question of awareness. If content is locked up on websites it will fall by the wayside. I agree with this absolutely and at the moment I would suggest that is what is happening at the academic library where I work.  There is no notification of new titles and databases and journals are hard to search although this is being addressed. I still prefer to use Google scholar as a means to access resources as the website is very user unfriendly. Yet the collection is still seen by many as everything and  they have become as Seth Godin remarked recently ‘clerks who guard dead paper’.

Library 2.0 examples: mobile-friendly catalogues RMIT; libguides, subject blogs, subject-specific alerts from journals; podcasts; videos; interactive crowdsourcing sites for archival material seeking help for people to identify photos, places etc.


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