Module 2: Blogs and Microblogging

Simple and prolific. Adopted by subject librarians in university libraries with mixed results due to content and frequency of posts.

I chose WordPress to host my Online Learning Journal based on a seminar I attended whilst at RMIT where it was recommended based on stability and good defence against spammers.

An immediate form of communication and widespread due to telecommunication technology. Posts are limited to 140 characters. Pictures and video can be posted, too. I established a personal Twitter account in March as a result of the first assignment.

Features include:

  • 140 character post although can be longer via Tweetdeck
  • Converting URLs to save on characters through bitly and
  • # are used to tag articles
  • @ before a name denotes a user on Twitter
  • RT: Retweets
  • #ff: recommendations by people on who to follow. Posted on a Friday

Profile has risen considerably due its popularity to cover political activity. Widespread use throughout Iran, North Africa and Syria as people use it to communicate with the outside world in the face of oppressive regimes and where Western journalism is heavily restricted. I follow @jessradio, an Australian journalist, who has been retweeting posts from people inside the affected regions

‘YEMEN: RT @Nefermaat @jessradio tense, but much more quiet than tues or wed… prayer & funeral today. gonna be an interesting day I think’

‘Worried for my contact & friend, Mazigh: RT @Amazigh_Libya 20 Grad rockets hit #Jadu today, seriously injuring many civilians #Libya’

However, posts on Twitter are difficult to verify and can be falsified.

Another good article about this from The Guardian

Tumblr is a new microblogging site gaining popularity.

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