Module 1: Web 2.0 Social Networking and the social life of information

Begins with an exploration of definitions of Web 2.0 through Wikipedia, O’Reilly and Youtube

Key points

Wikipedia: McAfee’s SLATE acronym and also consider Tim Berners Lee assertion that Web 2.0 is simply a ‘piece of jargon’.

O’Reilly’s Web 2.0 Meme Map

YouTube: definition as easy as nailing a jelly to the wall, good explanation of mash-ups.

The web can be seen as a social space with an incredible adoption rate. Popularity due to:

  • Free
  • Ease of use
  • Inter connection
  • Enhanced by computer technologies (wi-fi)
  • Mobile devices

The pod cast (listened to half only due to poor audio quality)

Social media effects on:

  • re-writing the rules of business
  • the previous relationship between customer/business was prescribed
  • now customers can talk about a company and its producers outside of the companies control
  • companies adopt social media to have a conversation with customers,
  • selection of social media determined by the type of relationship they want, so companies should question choice of everything
  • technology is not the hard part, relinquishing control is (psychological revolution)


  • the lecturer does not relinquish authority by adopting social media
  • teaching can be enhanced by its adoption.
  • Develop a culture of sharing
  • ‘Stop hugging data’ Tim Berners Lee.
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