OLJ M4: developing a social media marketing strategy

I discovered information about the social media marketing at the University of Melbourne library whilst researching for the first assignment. A ten person committee oversees the Facebook and Twitter accounts.

If I was in a position to advise the current committee I would suggest the following:

Clearly define what you wish to communicate to your patrons and how you wish to communicate it.

Examine and evaluate a range of social media tools and follow other libraries to see what they are doing. Do some research to see what other academic libraries have tried. Was it a success or failure? Contact other libraries for advice and tips.

Identify your patrons and talk to them either through focus groups or an online survey. What social media do they use, what information do they wish to receive (if any) and how?

Select the social media to use based on feedback from patrons and other research. Be aware of current marketing tools and look to dovetail the social media messages with these.

Decide what you want to communicate through which medium. For example look at Facebook as an obvious choice but consider Twitter as a different platform, as a means to open up conversation in a more informal tone and engage with your audience.

As the University has numerous libraries decide whether to open multiple social media accounts for each library or stay with one.

Decide upon a staffing policy. Who can post information, who can act as a gatekeeper, how much time should be spent on administration of the sites (presumably a minimum).

Utilise a social media policy. Either use the existing University policy or create one for the library. Ensure everyone is familiar with its content and adheres to its guidelines.

In the last three weeks I have discovered a University-wide social media group that anyone can join. Initially this was based on an email forum but has this week moved to Yammer, which makes much more sense and is far easier to communicate through and a good source of new ideas. Suggest this would be a good way for the library committee to communicate.

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