OLJ M3: A-Z of Social Networking

B- Blog, does your library have a blog? This is a great way for you to offer value and content for your library and it has become the standard for libraries to have one.

There are a few blogs in existence but none of them really feel like blogs more like online information boards. Certainly no real thought has gone into them and there is no cohesive overarching social networking policy for the library community. It’s not clear who the audience is for except other librarians within the University  so there is scope to overhaul this and start individual blogs for all of the libraries or certainly the larger ones.

Ebooks- You can share these on social networking to increase their exposure.

This would be a great idea. Currently E-books, which are being pushed for purchase over hard copy titles, are well hidden on the library website. Access is via the catalogue but there is no separate listing and certainly no promotion of them. Such is the proliferation of E-books that they could command a dedicated blog or play a part in a resources blog. I could also see the benefit of promotion through a Facebook page or having a much larger presence on the library subject guides.

F-Facebook, having a presence on facebook with a fan page or a group is a must. Facebook is so popular now that it is expected.

The University Library does have a page on Facebook. However, I don’t know who is responsible for it, it doesn’t refer to all of the libraries within the University and there was no notification of its introduction or any policy established worked on before its appearance (as far as I know). It appears to have been created primarily to keep people up-to-date with the renovations of the main Baillieu library and to promote information literacy sessions, which is good but only goes so far. 1,594 people like it out of a student population of more than 30, 000.

H-Help- relying on only one or two people to build your library’s social networking presence will not work. It needs to be a whole team effort on behalf of your entire library staff.

Yes, it should be but at the moment it appears to be a piecemeal effort with small groups of people producing projects independent of other libraries and library staff.

Much as I dislike working groups or committees each library should control its own social media output but should be answerable to a social media committee who should determine a social media policy.

S-Slideshare, this heavy traffic and awesome social networking site lets you share power point presentations. Use this site to embed your presentations and promote them on other sites as well.

I can see the benefit in this. Information literacy is being pushed to be embedded in the course curriculums. So subject librarian presentations could be posted and placed on the library subject guides and the Learning Management System (LMS). This could compliment the presentations that are currently recorded and posted on the LMS.

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